The Wish for Naturalness

The Wish for Naturalness

Does this feel familiar to you? Baking- banana-bread-daily had become a comforting routine to many of us. Now that we have left the quarantine stage, our interest in cooking and baking continues to grow. Globally, the pandemic influenced a whole new meal-prep trend—with more and more people cooking at home. Most of us have significantly heightened our concern regarding food ingredients, from formulation to production. While the last year has brought many challenges, we create opportunities (and even new hobbies!) out of obstacles. 

This perfectly summarizes the significant shifts the year 2020 heralded as traditional ways of living were entirely upended by the global Covid-19 pandemic. After almost two years of living through different new normals, adapted behaviors have become the current norms. With the hope of a post (or managed) pandemic world on the horizon, people are relooking at their values—finding the silver lining in challenges and exploring new interests.  

Health as a Top Priority

With that being said, a focus on all things natural stands top of mind for moving forward. While COVID-19 brings light to concerns, the emphasis on health continues to guide many consumers. We notice what we put into our bodies and how it affects us. Natural ingredients and taste help us feel confident and assured that we are making the best health decisions.  

At Symrise, we have understood this and always focus on providing technology combined with the ideals of nature. This way, we are addressing the demand for natural food that has grown significantly. So, allow us to introduce the code of nature™ Symrise’s global taste solution platform, which unlocks and amplifies the authentic taste of nature. A commitment to signature taste solutions made with the best of nature. 

The Symrise Promise

Symrise truly understands and creates natural and holistic flavorings and products by acting as a consumer-driven company. Analyzing consumer trends and developing natural taste experiences that consumers will love confirm we pursue the right track with our code of nature™ experience. Additionally, Symrise understands that to get the best ingredients, responsibly and sustainably sourced raw materials matter. As a result, we can provide natural tastes with unique flavor profiles by using our exclusive technologies and gentle preparation methods.

Does it come as a surprise to you that consumers accept long lists of ingredients as long as they can follow them (with emphasis on understanding them)? With this knowledge, Symrise’s all-encompassing code of nature™ approach supports food and beverage manufacturers in creating labels that consumers understand and trust—showing that pure ingredients genuinely make a difference.  

As in tomato sauce used for pasta dishes, for instance, the citrus fruit in your lemonade sipped on a hot summer’s day. Because more than ever, consumers want fresh ingredients at the center of all food purchases. In addition, they focus on food quality, and the maker occupies many consumers’ minds. That is why today, many of us consider food more than a mere fuel to propel them. Instead, we see it as knowledge, awareness, and a greater understanding of different cultures. And we have learned to appreciate better the process that comes with preparing a meal. As a result of COVID-19, consumers look for health-conscious foods and seek products that support a healthy lifestyle, with naturalness providing a key ingredient in all of this. 

What natural ingredients do you like to include when cooking? Let us know in the comments!

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