Crafting a natural Earl Grey Tea

Crafting a natural Earl Grey Tea

Do you remember the first time you tried Earl Grey? We do. The citrusy scent instantly woke up the senses before the lips even touched the brim of the cup. Then the taste followed – a full-bodied black tea lingering on the palette. Elegant, rich, and refreshing. We later learned that the citrus taste came from the bergamot oil used to flavor traditional Chinese tea. Instantly, it became a good friend for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Earl Grey, reinvented

If you like Earl Grey as much as us, you may find yourself on a rainy day curling up next to the fireplace. You are wrapping yourself in a cuddly blanket, a cup of tea misting on the side. The exact right time has come to take a break and enjoy some me-time. For years, you have always been buying the same tea – your beloved Earl Grey tea. This traditional has become your favorite taste over the year. Now wait! The last time in the supermarket, a new Earl Grey variety has attracted you. On the packaging, you see ripe bergamot fruits. It also says made with natural ingredients only and “Bergamots from Calabria. The text promises an authentic and full-bodied taste of ripe and juicy bergamot fruits in combination with a well-balanced black tea note. This copy sounds very promising and makes you curious. So you decide to buy and test this new tea.

You are holding the cup of freshly brewed tea in your hands. You feel positively surprised by the smell. It reminds you immediately of your last vacation in Italy. You’ve been walking through the citrus fields. You start reading the ingredient list. It states – with natural Bergamot flavoring. What does this mean – flavored? It tastes purely genuine and authentic. You thought a flavoring probably tastes artificial? You check the tea bag. The transparent bag allows you to see all ingredients. You are looking for artificial-looking particles. Nil return! That Earl Grey has surprised you! And for this, it just became your new favorite tea.

The Making of Your New Favorite Tea

The journey of a premium product begins with quality sourcing. To make this particular Earl Grey, the bergamots come from the heart of Calabria in Italy. A group of trusted farmers grows the fruits sustainably. Our partner is the world market leader in bergamot oil production for the flavor and fragrance industry. They use state-of-the-art technology for citrus oil processing. This partnership, also involving the local university, drives the implementation of good agricultural practices to secure supply, guarantee the highest quality, and respect biodiversity and positively impact local communities. How to translate these high-quality raw materials now into a natural flavor solution?

The innovative technology, evogran® coating, attains a truly natural encapsulation by applying the flavor – the bergamot oil – directly to the tea leaves. As a result, the taste of the bergamot lingers right on top of the tea leaves. The process avoids granules within the blend. This method also guarantees outstanding blending features for optimum taste. As a result you receive a tea with a premium natural appeal and an authentic taste experience.

Do you feel interested in trying this new variety? Do you call yourself a fan of Earl Grey tea? Tell us your favorite Earl Grey products! Leave us a comment below!

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