Travel: Reboot Post-Pandemic

Travel: Reboot Post-Pandemic 

Waking up while on holiday brings some of the most pleasant things to remember during a year. First, when you open your eyes, you wonder about the strange location for a brief moment. Then, a few blinks later, you remember. Ah yes, I spend my free time away from home. Finally again!

The aftereffects of the pandemic will bring long-lasting impacts on the tourism sector. And people will steadily adapt to new landscapes. Unfortunately, just weeks since its discovery, the new highly transmissible omicron coronavirus variant is rapidly spreading around the globe. Given the recent concerns, some travelers wonder whether to keep holiday plans. Before traveling internationally, people should consider every countries regulation and make themselves aware of flight and hotel cancellation policies. So, while personal feelings differ, the demand for travel overall is growing. Read on to uncover the travel priorities among people. 


The travel industry slowly recovers. Globally, people are adapting their feelings around travel. They feel driven by deep sentiments of wanderlust and an insatiable need for exploration. New priorities reflect solutions closer to home destinations and hygiene. But, as we know, 2020 has turned out a dismal year for travel. Pandemic restrictions and environmental crises canceled excursions for millions worldwide. 

Also, during these exceptional times, trip-goers have developed new expectations and desires While traveling. They expect their overall experiences and accommodations to turn out as a relaxing and enjoyable experiences. Especially now, holidaymakers wish for relaxing and genuinely escaping reality more than ever. People want a spark or change from their everyday routine.

Solution or wellness retreats belong to the most sought out travel hot spots on the market right now. Wellness escapes allow guests to participate in relaxing activities such as yoga, meditation, peaceful spas, hiking, and more. The best-voted travel getaways include Costa Rica, Italy, New York, Switzerland, Spain, Utah, Florida, and Hawaii. In addition, over half of the US travelers report that they tend to go on an outdoor wilderness trip more often now than before the pandemic. 

We Feel At Home Where Our Heart Beats

Travelers are relocating far-off dream destinations and instead of bringing them home. Some still fear large crowds. Others want to reconnect with scenery after the lengthy time spent inside. And nature, for most, starts at their doorsteps. So, instead of traveling to a distant land across the seas, travelers opt for vacations closer to home. For them, spending time in nature makes time stop for a bit. It brings countless health benefits, mentally and physically. Going outside brings excellent exposure for Vitamin D. Fresh air, and beautiful views bring pure joy. Mentally, it has proven to assist with seasonal depression that happens to many during the winter. Because of these benefits, many realize the escape from reality recess may start just around the corner. According to Airbnb, 62% of global holidaymakers show interest in taking a holiday within driving distance of their residence in 2021. The comfort of staying close to home feels essential to many because of unexpected shutdowns or mandates that can take place. 

Cleanliness Is Key 

Travelers will continue taking precautions to protect themselves from Covid-19. They expect the industry to offer greater safety options. Nearly 45% of travelers have noted that enhanced cleaning belongs to their top three decision factors when booking accommodations. Rental platforms such as Airbnb now include a five-step cleaning checklist. This makes travelers feel more comfortable and safer during a stay. 

Airlines have acted quickly to consumers’ needs and expectations for cleanliness. For example, Delta Air Lines refreshes the air in the cabin as often as every two minutes. This comes along with an extensive cleaning checklist. In addition, Qatar Airways utilizes hospital-grade UV cleaning in the cabin. As a result, future guests will favor destinations that offer surplus fresh air and non-toxic services and goods along these lines. 

With the reawakening of the world, travel, and activities, only time will tell the actual changes that will stay and become a part of the new normal?

As a traveler, have you changed your expectations? If so, what do they entail? Will your next vacation take you to a destination near or far? Let us know in the comments below!

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