Magnificent Matcha

Magnificent Matcha

A cup with a steaming hot emerald liquid is sitting on the old wooden table. You lift the delicate china carefully with both your hands. You smell the soft and also intense flavor with eyes closed anticipating the slightly bitter-sweet delight that is going to please your palate within the next seconds. Drinking the hot and vibrant green liquid sip by sip is miraculously energizing your whole body and mind lasting several hours. These experiences and many more have attracted many tea lovers to join the colossally growing matcha movement. Considering ourselves true followers of matcha has sparked our interest. Where does it come from and what makes it so magnificent?

Giving birth to matcha

The tradition of matcha goes back many centuries. The Japanese have long ago started producing this finely ground powder with specially grown and processed green tea leaves. With different grades, techniques, and a range of health benefits, this trending tea powder stands truly out from the crowd.

It has traveled a long way from its stem until it lands in your favorite latte. The process begins by carefully shading the tea plants for at least fifteen days. Experienced harvesters then individually hand-select and pull the leaves from the stems and veins. Lastly, crafted workers steam, dry, and age them before they move the leaves to the grinding stage. Each step takes time and patience to maintain the nutrients in the leaves, flavor, and texture, resulting in a high grade of matcha.

Different grades of matcha? Let’s take a closer look. We distinguish three primary grades: ceremonial, standard, and culinary. Culinary matcha ranks the lowest and it often serves for dusting over truffles or goes into desserts. Standard ranks the second-highest with its coarser and softer quality. Finally, ceremonial describes the highest grade. The finest ground of the three shows the brightest hue, and traditional Japanese tea ceremonies rely on its superior qualities.

The Japanese have practiced and perfected the art of brewing matcha for hundreds of years. They use a handcrafted special whisk from a single piece of bamboo. They call it chasen and they use it to prepare the matcha drink. This tool eliminates clumps and delicately blends the powder into the drink. Producing high-quality matcha requires dedication, precision, and patience. Today, we treasure Matcha for its many valuable properties connected to the zen process, which has created it.

The Power of the Powder

Matcha contains ten times more antioxidants than any other tea, because it uses the ground-up green tea leaves rather than an infusion. This allows your body to ingest more nutrients than from any other tea. The potent powder also enjoys a reputation of reducing blood pressure, increasing serotonin levels, and reducing inflammation, and helping reduce the risk of cancer. Studies have also shown that the properties of matcha can improve mental focus, relaxation, cognitive function, and immune system process. Matcha also contains an abundance of phytochemical EGCG, a compound that increases fat metabolism, allowing you to burn calories quicker. 

This magical green tea powder also provides sustainable energy. The calming properties of the green tea leaf combined with its natural caffeination create a delicate and also powerful source of energy. Contrary to the short-lived instant jolt you get from coffee, matcha provides a long-lasting boost—eliminating the coffee jitters and short buzz. This results in a gentle introduction to your daily spark. In addition, this all-natural plant power provides more than delicious flavor.

Matcha craze

With its rising popularity as a beverage, you can now find matcha in almost any food, including baked desserts, ice creams, and also savory soups. Its tender balance of bitter and sweet makes it a perfect companion for sweet and savory flavors. In addition, the craze for this flavor has led to its entrance into chain restaurants, such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Authentic matcha offers many benefits to every state it comes in. And in our world today, we can acquire it much easier.

More Than a Flavor

If you look up the description for matcha you can read about an earthier robust green tea. The strong umami flavor of matcha delivers a taste and smell that people favor all over the world. This has paved the way for matcha to enter the culinary world. And, today, we see this unique product take on new forms in the cosmetic world. Matcha beauty and self-care products are emerging around the globe due to their many capabilities. Products to note when searching for matcha beauty products include Denmark brand Urtekram’s Green Matcha Shampoo, U.S. brand Milk Make Up’s Matcha Toner, Japanese brand Wafood Made’s Matcha Green Tea Pore Care Mask, and EU brand Nordic Amenities with their entire Matcha Tea Collection for skin and hair. This green tea powder surpasses all limits as its calming and zen properties translate inside and out. 

Matcha pushes the boundaries of tea. It originated as a way of providing more nutrients from plants and achieving zen. This power supplied by the green tea plant has attracted quite some attention. Many have found ways to incorporate matcha into their routines. From beverages, foods, skincare, and beauty, the matcha movement continues to grow. So how will you go mad for matcha?

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