Beach Bum Beauty

Beach Bum Beauty

Beach time means show time – particularly in the southern hemisphere now and for one specific part of your body. Have you ever thought of giving your precious rear side a special treatment to make it look glorious? Look out for derrière beauty as the next category to be ‘skinified.’ Studies have shown that spending prolonged periods sitting can cause the bottom to appear more flat. Beauty brands invest in research and create products to counteract the appearance of folliculitis (buttne) and keratosis pilaris (chicken skin).

Are we feeling surprised now that Australian and African brands lead the way? Hardly so. These regions come with hot sun and a deeply rooted beach culture. Aceolog, a playful Australian brand, marries active skincare ingredients with trending sheet mask formats. Aceology’s pared-back approach forgoes patented technology in favor of tried-and-tested skincare ingredients. The Juicy Peach Mask uses hyaluronic acid and allantoin to hydrate the skin. I’m Bouncy Butt Mask smoothes out lumps using soybean ferment. Smooth Operator’s Butt Mask employs the power of green tea and licorice to attempt to fight buttne, eczema, and inflammation.

Cheeky Skincare promotes a body-positive approach to butt-care with joyous products that celebrate every booty. The brand attracts a cult following from Gen Z consumers with its informal tone and “love every part of your body” mantra. Bold, colorful packaging elevates bum-care to a shelfie-worthy product, while the brand’s tox-free vegan and cruelty-free ingredient list ensure a thumbs up from Gen Z. These key ingredients include natural-based aloe vera, green extract, and coconut oil.

Habitat Culture offers South Africa’s first skincare range specifically for the bottom area. The products aim at reducing the appearance of acne, stretch marks, discoloration, fine lines, cellulite, and rough skin. With a body-positive message, the assortment includes everything from scrub to an oil and mask. Habitat Culture champions African ingredients. For example, the Sleeping Booty Cold Brew Oil uses crambe abyssinica (Ethiopian seed oil) to help prevent dry skin. 

Various functional and playful products combine skincare-based, derma-backed focus with self-care principles. They send a clear message: booty beauty seeks to celebrate-the bum, instead of perfecting it!

What derrière products have you tried? Do any of the brands excite you? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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