Stay Fresh with Neofresh® Air Sport Skin+Fabric

Stay Fresh with Neofresh® Air Sport Skin+Fabric

Spring has sprung. As the weather gets warmer, you are probably doing more sports sessions to stay active and healthy. After a particularly long year, it finally feels a little safer to inhale and exhale. At the same time, you may have wondered about one thing after these sessions — the disturbing malodor lingering on the clothes. Wouldn’t you find it great to spare the headache of doing laundry after exercising every time? The newly developed Neofresh® Air Sport Skin+Fabric solutions may just answer that for you.

Neofresh® Air Sport Skin+Fabric works with a brand-new scent technology from Symrise. It combines the function of deodorant and the elegance of fragrance to shield both the skin and the clothes from malodor after a workout. Feeling good is the new looking good. Wellness has recently become a more integrated component of everyday life as we spend a significant amount of time at home. 

Activewear, however, mainly consists of synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, and spandex. So no matter how cute your Lululemon leggings look, they catch malodor more easily from sweat compared with cotton. We found that a majority of respondents apply deodorant before activity to fight body odor. For those who would like to stay active and exercise a few times a week, it could mean a real pain to wash and change outfits after each wear. In fact, 56 % of active deodorant users in the US say they reuse activewear between workouts without washing.

You can now solve the problem with an easy spray-on of either skin or clothes. Neofresh® Air Sport Skin+Fabric helps you maintain personal hygiene and adds lots of convenience to an active lifestyle. Developed in partnership with the Monell Chemical Senses Center, this new fragrance technology aims to combat body odor and offer protection for both the skin and the fabric. The resulting new generation of sport-proof fragrance technology offers three unique benefits:

1. Counteracts sweat malodor, even the one developed during extreme sport.

2. It helps to prevent residual sweat malodor transfer onto your sports clothing, protecting you and your clothes.

3. Provides a sport-proof stimulating and fresh fragrance.

This anti-odor performance breakthrough with a spectrum of scents from masculine to feminine works with all types of sports, from at-home exercises to running to combat sports like boxing and karate. We want to pay attention to our holistic wellness as we become more active. Neofresh® Air Sport Skin+Fabric marries deodorant with fragrance and offers both technical efficacy and sensorial wellbeing. 

Have you thought about how to make your activewear smell good? Would you like to learn more about this new fragrance technology in your workout routine? Leave a comment below.

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