Autumn in the Air

Let us just pause for a minute and savor the flavor of the season. For many of us, Autumn is a favorite time of the year. Do you harbor a fond memory of picking apples with your family? Do you purposely aim for fallen leaves as you walk, just to hear them crunch under your feet? Do you marvel at the rich, red hue of a perfectly ripe plum? Autumn time delights us with its natural beauty, full of simple pleasures that bring us so much joy. The third season of the year comes in brilliant reds, yellows, oranges and browns, warm colors that offer a cozy vibe.

The Smell of Autumn

As the weather cools and we move into spending more time indoors, fragrances that embrace the fall harvest and remind of us the great outdoors will enter our “must have” list. Does the fruity fragrance of a pear-scented candle make you smile? Looking for an explanation?. Our sense of smell can trigger some of our most nostalgic memories.

Many of us enjoy surrounding ourselves with natural-smelling scents, especially in the fall with vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables appearing everywhere. Their delicious natural scent reminds us of the beginning of the harvest season, grounding us a little further in our connection with nature around us. Many of us favor scents like the traditional pumpkin and apple. They create a bit of familiar sanctuary we come back to every year.

While the scents of bountiful fruits and authentic woods have always been popular autumn fragrances, we’re seeing some creative twists on these traditional seasonal favorites, as well as some exciting new creations. These include throwbacks to the great outdoors and the promise of country living, nature and woodland escapes. Get ready to escape and transform your home with the power of fragrance.

Some of Our Favorites:

Jo Malone Glowing Embers  – this exquisite luxury candle takes you away to a relaxing fireside space in your mind. Selfridges describes it as “Infused with notes reminiscent of logs crackling on the open fire while you lose yourself in your favourite book.”

Leveling up from the traditional pear candle might include infusing your home with beetroot. The fruity fragrance Loewe Beetroot Room Spray distills the purest essence of Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) and evokes the raw essences of a vegetable garden.  

We also love the Aery Living line of candles. Check out Nordic Cedar with notes of cedar, cinnamon, pepper and bergamot. It promises to envelope you in a blanket of coziness. Or try Black Oak with cedarwood, cardamom and nutmeg. This candle invites you to take a long deep breath and let the healing power of Aromatherapy carry you to a deep calming forest.

Falling in Love… with Fall Flavors!

From pumpkin patches to apple orchards to woodland nuances – we’ve jumped headfirst into the autumn spirit. And when returning from outdoors immersed in fall activities, we bring the magic of the fall season inside, into the comfort of our own home. We know how to savor the flavor of the season with tastings of opulent pumpkins, crisp apples, sweet maple and aromatic spices.

Pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin spice baked goods, pumpkin pancakes and waffles, pumpkin soup, pumpkin ale … pumpkin everything surrounds us everywhere! We also love maple. Maple-flavored foods are becoming more popular each year and continue to sweeten the season. At the same time, apple remains the unofficial-official fruit of autumn. Standing alone or maybe paired up with other fall ingredients, are warm spices which enliven the season with their aromatic nuances.

Some of our Favorites

Recently released in the fall of 2020 Vive has launched Pumpkin Spice hard seltzer. It combines the classic notes of pumpkin spice with the bubbly hard seltzer you’ve come to know and love. Some might call another pumpkin spice beverage overkill, and Vive answers “Go ahead, roll your eyes, take a sip,” on its homepage.  

If you like gelato – and who would argue/contradict? – then you might be interested in Talenti Pumpkin Pie Layers. It promises the ultimate holiday dessert in a jar. The name might give you a clue that we are talking about a pretty indulgent treat. First, you spoon through a thick layer of pumpkin, and next through a layer of pie crust pieces. And an added layer of rich brown sugar sauce tops the whole thing off. Lastly, you’ll dig through another layer of pumpkin gelato and more pie crust pieces.

You may enjoy Maple Craft syrup in Autumn and in other seasons as well. We’re lucky we can shop this product all year long! One of the things we love about this brand? The family run business harvests maple sap from home-grown trees in Connecticut and Vermont. This time of year, you can find seasonal favorites: Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread and Peppermint Bark Maple syrups.

What simple pleasures do you enjoy during fall? Do you belong to the fall flavor traditionalist or do you seek out new scents and tastes to liven up the season?

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