Angel Activist

Minimizing Impact on Society and Planet

Angel Activists want change, and they want to achieve it in a gentle way. That means they are as serious and committed as others, in their very own way! People in this group continuously challenge ethical and environmental concerns by blending conscience and imagination, with a dollop of joy. They know humans depend on nature, so they make sure nature is healthy, thriving and durable. Angel Activists think of inventive and astute ways to benefit nature as they brainstorm thoughtful alternatives for reducing each and everyone’s ecological footprint.

Those who fall into this group believe in “Good for me and good for we” solutions. Due totheir quieter commitment to the cause the have received the “angel’ moniker. They give examples, instead of lessons. They consider commitment an obvious and easy responsibility towards the planet and to others and how they express altruism, caring and generosity.

In a nutshell, these consumers put pressure on the world…with a warm smile.

Are you an Angel Activist?

You may belong to the Angel Activists if you want to leave your (invisible) mark on this world. You know you can make a difference by channeling any anxiety into a vivacious appetite where you can happily embrace change. 61 % of people globally, consider protecting the environment important. Do you belong to them? Do you prefer to buy a brand with a real social conscience, rather than an average label? And at the same time, do you feel drawn to ingenious and clever products? If so, you’re probably an Angel Activist.

Other clues you fall into this category: You aim to reduce each and everyone’s ecological footprint by buying local, choosing in-season produce, selecting small batches, reducing personal waste and recycling. You believe in “less and better” and intelligent, reasoned consumption. You buy unpackaged goods (on your zero-waste quest) and appreciate heirloom vegetables (important for soil diversification) and technology that works for the planet. You wish to build a viable ecosystem that would enable humans to live in harmony with their environment for the long-term.

Products We’ll Support

Good news! Many entrepreneurs – and some major manufacturers – are finding new ways to reach Angel Activist shoppers. They’re bringing back forgotten traditions, reviving ancient seeds and leveraging bio-diversity. At the same time, they are translating past treasures into new and better ways of producing and consuming products, in line with their values. From micro to macro, innovative initiatives are blooming and plant-based ingredients are gaining momentum.

We consider  Primera to belong to the most promising brands, based on the power of sprouts, pairing clinically-proven, nutrient-dense seed extracts and oils with innovative K-beauty technologies and textures. Its Facial Mild Peeling contains/works with a botanical-based exfoliator with natural ingredients including brussel sprouts, chamomile flower, broccoli and wild strawberry. The skin-glowifying formula, housed in recyclable packaging comprises the best of all worlds—pure, potent and planet-friendly.

Imagine this: Food residues turns into cottonized fiber, and then that cottonized fiber turns into clothing. Mind blown? We want to share our excitement about this, too! The new natural fiber Agraloop BioFibre is transforming food crop residues into scalable high-value natural fiber fashion products. The technology works with residues such as banana peels, pineapple leaves and hemp stalks to create a natural BioFibre to weave into clothing.

Last year, Reebok introduced a plant-based shoe to inspire positive change. We’re hoping this trailblazing innovation from a big name such as Reebok will open the dore for more plant-based shoes to come.

Ugly is the new chic for the vegetables chosen by Imperfect Produce. In the form of “imperfect boxes,” the site delivers a whole panel of fresh vegetables whose aesthetic traditionally prevents them from making it into store. Members can order healthy, high-quality groceries (many of them organic) and save those castaways from going to waste.

Possibly the most unique example in this list comes from Mi Zhou, the creator of toiletry bottles called Soapack. They cast bottles from soap reduce the plastic waste that comes from traditional shampoo packaging. Once you have emptied your shampoo “bottle”, you can use the packaging as a soap!

What do you think? Do you belong to the Angel Activist? How far would you go to commit to your values of planet protection? Comment below and tell us what products have gained your trust based on your research.

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