Bacteria Boom!

Bacteria Boom!

Do you remember the last time you experienced a good hair day? Did you know that the science behind a good hair day and keeping masknes off your face relate to the good and bad bacteria in and on your body? The ongoing pandemic has accelerated our priorities to take extra care of ourselves. And more so in holistic approaches: our relationship with nature, our mind, and body as one ecosystem and microbiome wellness. 

SymProBiome™ & You 

The human microbiome entails all microbes living in and on our bodies. Some benefit us, while some might potentially harm us. In other words, we live with so-called good and detrimental bacteria. A healthy microbiome balance forms the crucial factor to the well-being of our metabolism and our skin. We still need a lot to learn within microbiome science. We do know that disturbances in these delicate ecosystems can lead to sudden imbalances. As a result, the body can suffer ailments ranging from body odor, tooth decay, diarrhea, and more severe conditions. At the same time, our understanding grows that we can achieve a positive effect by keeping the beneficial microorganisms in and our bodies in balance. At Symrise, we want to thoroughly understand all facets of the human microbiome and what it needs to keep its balance. To achieve this, we have started our dedicated research platform SymProBiome™.

This unique approach helps identify which microorganisms reside in and on the body and their contribution to the processes that maintain and affect the microbiome. This crucial knowledge enables the development of ingredients that work in harmony with the human microbiome and help its natural processes function in perfect synergy. 

Beauty Concerns 

Evolving beauty concerns, such as maskness and awareness of digital blue light fuel the conversation on protective products. As a result, the beauty industry shifts towards wellness products that balance, support, and strengthen the skin’s microflora with prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotic ingredients. A huge benefit, of course, relates to healthy glowing skin. Brands create microbiome-friendly skin, body, and hair products as we upgrade our approach to beauty and looking healthy. Products that focus on creating a healthy microbiome diversity have proven essential. However, the benefits of a balanced microbiome go beyond inside-out beauty; they can extend to improving conditions such as acne, eczema, and rosacea.

Take a look at the following microbiome-friendly beauty products to add to your vanity. 

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